Life Sciences Alumni

Chairperson's Message


I am Miah Kyan, Life Sciences Class of '08. Together with four other Life Sciences graduates, we have formed the official alumni group for the discipline with NUS Office of Alumni Relations. The impetus for this initiative is simply the lack of it. NUS Life Sciences Major has been running for 15 years since 2002. With at least 400 graduates each year, there is a significant number of us sharing the identity as NUS Life Sciences alumni. NUSLSA humbly takes on the mission to develop the connections among us the alumni and with NUS, promoting and facilitating support in any form for NUS as a whole, as well as for our affiliations such as Faculty of Science, Department of Biological Sciences and the student group NUS Life Sciences Society.

Identify yourself as a Life Sciences Major alumnus and join NUSLSA! Your membership is important to us. The Alumni is run on goodwill and volunteer basis, and we welcome you to contribute and play a part. Members can contribute in ways like sharing in alumni-student networking sessions, organising events or in formal capacity for the operation of the Alumni.

I look forward to have you as part of the Alumni.

LIM Miah Kyan
Chairperson, NUSLSA

Executive Committee


LIM Miah Kyan - Life Sciences Class of '08


CHAN Khai Ern, Edwin - Life Sciences Class of '17


Yvonne FONG - Life Sciences Class of '16

Assistant Secretary

Laura XU - Life Sciences Class of '10


Yvonne CHANG Lyne - Life Sciences Class of '13